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Many thanks

Many many thanks to everyone who posted here. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading everyone's comments and posts!

Contest winners: I have now gotten padded mailing envelopes as well as the actual books to send out. Now all I have to do -- or to be honest, my husband gets to do the hauling -- is get them to the post office!
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Where were you when Jill died? (like JFK, John Lennon, MJ etc)

I know I know, you are going to say.."well reading Time of war silly!".
I have read the series so many times but the first reading of Jill's death really stuck with me and I remember all those years ago exactly where I was, what I was doing and where I was going at that time of my life 14 years back. I was reading in a car on my way to a weekend party with my boyfriend of the time. I can see the dashboard, the seat, feel the window pane that i'm leaning my head upon etc etc.. Remembering Jill's death is a memory hook to my own of that time (though Deverry was no doubt more interesting)...I'm sure I wouldn't remember that car trip, party, boyfriend for any other reason! :)

Basically what event had such a high impact on you that you can remember all the mundane things (that one usually doesn't) that surround it?

So what are your "I'll always remember where I was when 'that' happened moments"?
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Arts Meets Deverry: Coring Apples (Filk)

This was actually written a numbers of years back, and may well be familiar to some of the people from dm.net, since it was posted there in a slightly more raw form.

I was listening to a British Isles folk tune ("The Molecatcher") when it occurred to me that Maddyn could not possiibly have resisted immortalizing the "coring apples" incident in song---and that over the years, the folk process would have elided or altered some of the details. This is the result, set to the folk tune in question. Since this is a general community I've substituted "tavern" for, ah, another word in certain contexts; otherwise the content is sufficiently oblique to be work-safe in any case.

Well if for amusement me lads you are bound
I've a tale for to tell if you'd all gather round
Of a young silver dagger both handsome and strong
Who poked his nose in where it didn't belong..

And down he did fall
And a tumble he took to a fine tavern brawl.

Well our lad went to town on a fine summer's day
He'd coin in his pocket and a mind for to play
Once the ale he had drunk for to banish his cares
He went to the "Ram" for to sample its wares.

Well upstairs he went with a young lass so fine
But she left him alone and she paid him no mind
Then voices he heard from the chamber beside
As an "apple to core" they so laughingly tried.

Well the wall it was wicker and through he did peek
But the dirt in the cracks it did foil the sneak.
So he stood on the bed and he peeked o'er the wall
But cursed if that dolt didn't stumble and fall...

Well down went the wall on our young lovers twain
Oh the man snarled with rage as the lass yelped with pain
And the wall struck the next and next down was bound
And down the walls came for the whole "tavern" round!

It's a jest and a half that the lot of them made
For to tangle with fists when they'd unsheathed their blades
For each with the others a quarrel had found
As they chased our poor lad for the whole "tavern" round.

Well the end of this tale it is sad to relate
Though he'd bruises galore and a limp to his gait
Our young silver dagger, so handsome and tall
Was no closer to coring that apple at all.

Well a warning it be to you lads one and all
When on summer's campaign or in winter-bound hall
Don't poke your nose in twixt a man and a maid
Lest you're poked in return with a fist or a blade!
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Jill Poem for the "Arts meets Deverry day"

This poem is about Jill from the perspective of Rhodry, spanning A Time of War to The Shadow Isle when Rhodry is a dragon and is a bit more world weary and wise about the afterlife. My image of how Jill looks is based off my Australian version copy of A Time of Omens (Jill is wearing a blue dress and has short cropped blonde hair in this picture). If anyone is confused about which events I am specifically referring to I can explain this in the comments section :)


Golden locks cropped
to frame powder blue,
can't help me
understand you.

As the years scud by
and grey irons
out your youth 
while wrinkles spider web
across a pale, wane face
not even illness
brings you back to me
and finally, finally
I've stopped trying.

Your eyes know truth
and to you i cannot lie.
I'll keep loving you
till the day that I die.

On the rooftop
your mouth is uncomfortable
so i beg for friendship
though I will forever
dream of you.
Think of bitter dregs
yes, bittersweet crumbs
cast my ever so elegant way
as my wyrd pulls me
somewhere far away.

Chasing words, dreams
obeying my cue.
Doing my best
to find an answer for you.

Oh, I'm morbid they say!
Instead of running from shadows 
I yearn for their unsteady touch.
All because
everyone I've ever loved
is underground
Or if I tell myself the truth
reborn, recycled
broken on an an endless wheel
where death has no power,
over the emotions we feel.

I see you now; young, fit
and ever so irrevocably mine
how sad you did not live for me to tell you
at last i understand why that love was lost in time.

Brief scattered tears
cannot help
the pain I feel
at your sacrifice
even as I know
it is not the first
nor our last goodbye
the Gods guide us
lead us into
warmth and open arms
and sometimes
they let us try again.

It wasn't your fault
and it wasn't mine
But why were we chosen to be torn apart
By Dweomerkind?

And why couldn't you ever see
that you were the only one for me?

But at last I can answer
because now, oh now I understand
that it wasn't your fault
and it wasn't mine
that loves lost and won
are nothing upon the sands of time.

The Arts meet Deverry today

Today is the day we'd like you to share with us some of your own creativity inspired by Deverry

If you need to review the guidelines, they're at http://community.livejournal.com/deverry15/13568.html

Experienced LJ users may know how to upload an image into a comment, but if you haven't figured that out, just make another entry post.. When you are posting an entry using HTML, looks for "Insert Image" at the top of the text box. Then Browse to find your picture on your own computer; then click Upload. Then post your entry.  If you making a post using Rich Text, look for the icon for Insert/Edit Image.

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Contest prizes

Before I can mail out the prizes, I have to get more bubblewrap and mailing envelopes. I don't want your books to get mushed in the mail! But never fear, I've saved all the information, and I'll get them on the way ASAP.
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Cover Art question

Imagine that money (or current ownership status) is no object.  You can have any Geoff Taylor cover illustration from the Deverry novels you wish--but only one!--to hang on a wall in your own home.  Which one will it be?

You can find them all at http://www.geofftaylor-artist.com/gallerykerr1.html   Just click on each cover to see the full painting.  [If you're an American reader who's never seen the UK editions, keep in mind that some of the titles are different too.]  Which one do you want for your very own, and why?

I've picked the Taylor covers because he has them so nicely arranged all on a single page so you can look at them all with just one more click.  Other cover artists for other editions include Paul Youll, Keith Parkinson, and Jody A. Lee.  You can Google for their work and check in their "galleries," "portfolios," and "fantasy" collections, but none of them have all their Deverry cover work as conveniently arranged for this question as Geoff Taylor does.

If you'd rather have a painting by one of those other artists, just answer the question by telling us which cover and who the artist is.

The hard part is picking just one, right?